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Refused cases

So many people Got refused for the following Reasons for  tourist and Visitor Visa we solved maximum refused visa cases . just got through the following reasons and contact us immediately if your visa got refused because of below-given reasons. 

  • Lack of Travel History: If a person has not travelled anywhere outside of their home country before, they will be refused a visa if they apply on their own.

  • Illegal Status in Country of Residence

  • Strong Family Ties to Canada: having family members in Canada can be a reason for refusal, and individual applying on their own can be refused.  Our firm can overcome this reason by making legal arguments and referencing a Federal Court Case in the application.

  • Length of stay: Individuals who state on the application they wish to stay for a longer period, usually require significant financial funds.

  • Real Purpose of Visit: there wasn’t a good enough explanation of the reason for travel to Canada.

  • Lack of Employment Prospects in Home Country

  • Current Employment Situation

  • Personal Assets

  • Host in financial situation: lack of documentation

  • Documents that do no appear authentic

  • History of overstaying status on a previous visit to Canada or other countries

  • Other Reasons

Student visa

Visa plus international is partnered with some of the finest universities, colleges, language centres and high schools across Canada and the United States of America. Achieving an education in Canada or the USA can open so many doors for international students. Our partnerships are made to help these students create meaningful connections and bright futures.

Please send your academic documents and IELTS to admissions@visaplusinternational.com to Get admission in the top-ranked universities and colleges of USA and Canada. 

Visitor visa

When you purchase the Visitor Visa Service with Visaplusinternational.com

our service includes:

  • File management by our experienced Govt Regd and Regulated  Consultants
  • Guidance and instructions on the specific documentation and forms
  • Submission of the visa application on your behalf
    Visa plus international consultants are registered with Govt and have over 15 years of experience. They will carefully review your application and advise of any changes you may need to make before they submit your application.
  • Notification of all government correspondence
  • Assistance with any embassy  requests for additional information
    Sometimes, Canadian Government requires further information. In those cases, we’ll notify you straight away.
  • Visa Details delivered to your Client Area upon change in visa application status
    As soon as the Canadian Government or any GOVT has processed your Visitor Visa application, we’ll send the results straight to you.
  • Help Desk Support
    If you happen to experience any issues with your application, our friendly customer service team are available to assist you via telephone and online support between 9AM to 5PM, INDIA , and Canada Vancouver time from Monday to Friday.
  • Travel Guide to Tourist Destinations 
    Our team has created a PDF Travel Guide filled with some useful tips so that your time in Canada is stress-free.
  • Secure Client Area access
    We know that you are submitting sensitive information to us, which is why we ensure that our systems are protected with the utmost security.
  • Air Ticket and Hotel Bookings
  • you can buy or ask for all air tickets and Hotel booking to our staff  air Tickets
  • Ability to add multiple applicants
    The world is a great place to explore with friends and family, which is why we have made it easier for multiple applications. Although each person needs to fill in their own application form, your applications can be created and submitted together at the same time so that you never have to worry about someone getting left behind. All your applications, all in one place.

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